Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Back at it again...

Well, let's see if I can do this again this time or if it will be another year before I post again. I guess only time will tell. 
So mom and dad moved here to Greensboro, NC and have been here for almost 2 years now. Chris and I have had a baby boy Matthew who just turned one in June. Gosh time FLIES!! 

We are trying to move, as we have been broken into and robbed twice within a year of each other. Yes the guy is still in jail awaiting trial, but lets face it our neighborhood is not getting any better. It has been difficult to sell our house. It is the largest in the neighborhood so it limits who can buy it and not many who can afford it want to be in this neighborhood. Guess we will continue praying and see what happens. 
I have been home with Matthew for the year and what a year it has been! This, however wonderful it is, is also putting a strain on us financially with trying to sell our house (and of course buy a new one after selling). So I am also looking for some kind of part time job that will not make me miss too much time with little man and bring in some money. Too bad my ideal job is either not out there or very hard to find! 
For the time being I am trying to enjoy the time I have with Matthew, working in and harvesting vegetables from the garden, taking pictures, cooking/baking, and spending time with my wonderful husband who tries to take all the stress on himself, frustrates me, whom I love more than I can say, and loves me in spite of me being myself!

So let's just see how much time passes before I get back on here and post again. Any bets??

Monday, July 23, 2012

Mom and Dad's Transformation

So we have done a lot of work in my parents' house (where I grew up). They have owned this house for 30 years and it has a lifetime of memories! I would not change my childhood for anything!
My mom loves wallpaper so she had wallpapered almost every room. If it didn't have wallpaper it had some kind of border to accent the paint. She surely hates plain painted walls!

These are all pictures of what we have done over the past month or so. They had surely accumulated 30 years worth of stuff! Time to downsize!!
Here are some before and after pictures of each room! (Some after pictures will come in about 2 weeks! Also all the carpet was replaced so that will be when I posted to showing photos!)

Living Room

Glenn's old room which then became Debbie's room.
When I took the desk off the wall I found Star Wars wallpaper remnant from Glenn's childhood! When Debbie moved in she painted it dark green and of course there is a border to match! 

Play Room 
 Hallway / Stairs
Dining Room (Formal)

Eat-In Kitchen
  Rachel and Beth's Bedroom

Parents' Bedroom

 My Bedroom (shared with Debbie's while Glenn was home)

(Left/Top) The tile flooring that we used to have before they put carpet in the eat-in kitchen area.
(Right/Bottom) An old chair we have had forever that my mom has recovered a few times!
The reason for all of this you may ask is they are moving! The house no longer has 7 people living there and is too big for them now. They will be looking for a single level house near me in Greensboro, NC! It will definitely be a big change!
I think Chris and I are just as ready for the move as they are!

Thank you to Bud and Kathy Hastings, Sue and Dennis Evans, and all other friends that have given up their time to help us in this endeavor!

Kitchen Time!

My appetizer was fresh tomatoes from the garden with fresh basil from my herbs, a little balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper. (Chris wouldn't eat it)
Dinner was chop steaks, peirogies, fresh (from our garden) green beans, and sister schuberts dinner rolls! It was delicious!
I baked zucchini cake with my zucchini from the garden! It is so delicious I never make the icing that goes on top! The bad thing is Chris doesn't really eat it so I gave most of it away!
So moist and delicious!
I had fun with a tomato. There was a hole that went through the edge of it and the water shot through!
Grilled squash (yes from my garden!)
Homemade pickles with cucmbers from our garden! Too bad he doesn't eat these either!
There are dill pickles (left) and bread & butter pickles (right). I have yet to perfect the dill recipe, so if you have a good one please share!! (I love claussen kosher dills!)
 This is a bread and butter recipe from my mom and it is awesome!!
It tastes like the real thing!!
Homemade pizza!!
It has homemade crust and sauce as well! Can you tell which side is mine and which is Chris'?
The Cooked Pizza!! Ready to EAT!!

The Bountiful Garden

So our garden has been growing and producing an abundant amount of vegetables! With the numerous mosquitos out, I do have to layer my clothing so as not to get eaten while picking. After being in MD helping "renovate" my parents' house I did spend 4 hours picking just tomatoes! This bowl is from only one tomato plant!
Chris' "experiment" tomato plant has grown to be over 10 feet tall! Of all the tomato plants it is the biggest and a cherry tomato plant no less!
Many of our vegetables have been given to friends and family. We have enjoyed giving them away just as much if not more than those receiving the vegetables!
I am sad to report, our corn did not fare so well. The squirrels began eating it so we picked what we could salvage thinking smaller was better than nothing. However when we cooked it, it had a weird taste, so we had to scrap it. Next year, I do not believe we will plant corn since we are 2 and 0 for growing corn.
Chris has decided to experiment more in our garden and with spicy things. Now if you know him you know he does not like spicy foods too much. So I asked him why he bought a white ghost pepper plant (one of the hottest peppers). He did say he would try anything once! So when it produces peppers we will definitely be having a party with everyone over to see who is daring enough to eat one! There will be video, which will be posted online!
Our green beans have come and gone as well. So now we are saving the space for fall lettuce and peas. Broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage is also finished.
We have since planted 3 more squash, 3 more zucchini, 4 honeydew melon, 1 canteloupe, and 4 more pickling cucumbers! We are hoping for a good fall harvest (and hopefully my parents will be living here then as well!)
Tomatoes as you can see are still going crazy and don't seem to be lessening anytime soon!
  Here are some pictures of our latest harvests!